Abraham Nussbaum is an associate professor in the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychiatry, where he is the associate director of medical student education. At Denver Health, he is the Chief Education Officer.

Find out more about his recent books and articles here.

He is open to speaking engagements; see some of his prior engagements here.

For more about his philosophy of humane medical care and ideas about the renewal of medicine, please read about his practice here.

For speaking engagements or general questions, please use the form below. For patient-related inquiries, contact Denver Health at 303-602-6890. Dr. Nussbaum does not have an outpatient or private practice.

For media and publicity, contact Yale University Press at, or the Denver Health public relations team at 303-602-4910. For rights, contact Don Fehr, (212) 981-0648 or



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