When working in the peculiar enclosures of the hospital, a practitioner needs music: dusties, b-sides, hits, and remixes. These playlists work best on a Maxell UDII 90.

Labor & Delivery

Birthing songs for NSVDs, VBACs, and even miscarriages. The cover includes what looks like a birthing cape. You maybe an obstetrics superhero, but try something a bit more sanitary, please.
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John Collier Together they totter nlm_nlmuid-101425314-img

Drunk Tank

Drinking songs for the nights which end with admit orders and scheduled diazepam. The cover art's title has a bit of hope: "Together they totter about."
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Stopein ryzyka NLM C02876

OR Suite

Songs about putting someone under, making that first cut, and (gulp!) waking them up. The cover art is in Polish: Stopien ryzyka!
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You're right, you can get blood from one

Blood Bank

Songs about labeling specimens, spinning down platelets, and meeting someone at the blood bank. The picture is an NIH advert. Dial 64509 to check the turnip's blood type.
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Call Room

Songs for taking call— signout, triaging the ED, answering pages with PRNs, and working the floors. On the cover, Sir Wm. Osler, the patron saint of being on call, soars above it all with stoic detachment.
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Schwarting Heart Bulletin c

Cath Lab

Songs *groan* from the heart and for mending broken hearts. The cover art is courtesy of the McGovern Historical Center.
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George Mayerle test chart

Eye Clinic

One is better? Two is better? Songs about blindness and seeing. The cover art is a vintage eye chart. The middle row is for children and the illiterate.
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Seclusion Room

Songs about getting lost inside your own head while hospitalized in padded rooms. The cover art is a vintage Japanese ad for haloperidol.
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nightmare turtle 1885 closeup

Sleep Lab

Sleep and dreams are measured by the polysomnographic needle. When you reach Stage R, you may be seeing threatening animals, like this dream preserved at the NLM.
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